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New year health resolutions

My How to achieve your 2022 health resolutions. 

First, this is not just about new year resolutions. 

New year resolutions

How your undone resolutions are staring at the new ones you have written.

A major reason why you could not hit your health resolutions this year is that you heaped everything on the shoulders of good old Mr. January. Hello dear, health resolutions need time to be strengthened and yes, it does demand that you take it one day at a time. 

Staying healthy goes beyond being just a new year resolution.

In addition, your health resolutions might not be realistic. 

Dear bro/sis, you have spent too much time trying to “one day” through your health resolutions. 

That’s why you have been waiting for the perfect day and time. 

Today is the perfect day/time to start a healthy diet. Not later.

Also, you probably guilt tripped yourself into making health resolutions. While you do need to be more intentional about your health, you need to know your why beyond following a trend or doing it because you feel guilty. Knowing your why will help you maintain discipline beyond motivation. 

I am not a party pooper so here’s how to ACTUALLY ACHIEVE YOUR HEALTH RESOLUTIONS; 

1.If want to  work out more, then you should start small. It’s important that you learn how to break down the activities that are needed. Nobody actually wakes up as a fitness guru. You could start by taking regular walks and picking certain days in the week to exercise. Be consistent though, or else you’ll be back here at the end of 2022 looking for tips.

You in December 2022 wondering why you did not take this article seriously

Take gradual but intentional steps towards your health goals.

2. If want  to drink less soda, then you should start by reducing the amount of the bottles you buy and the frequency of consumption. My dearest health enthusiast, you have absolutely no business with buying a 90cl pack of soda. Make intentional moves to cut back daily on size and frequency.

3. If you are keen on sticking to a healthy diet plan, then you should make gradual changes in that area. Do not necessarily throw out all your unhealthy food because you might miss it and be tempted to fall back.

Try this: “Eat more veggies during lunch” then work your way up.

4. Finally, it is important that you get a credible accountability partner that you can answer to. This will help you take your health resolutions seriously.

Get a credible accountability partner.

If you would like to talk with me, click here to send a direct message on Instagram and we will talk about smashing those health goals. 

I look forward to a 2022 filled with healthy people making conscious efforts to smash their diet goals but until then, cheers to the new year and all the health resolutions we will see through together. 

Yours in nutrition and health, 

Damilola Orija. 




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