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Did you achieve your 2021 health resolutions?

Did you achieve your 2021 health resolutions?
You’re not alone, here’s what 
people had to say…  

At the start of 2021, my best friend called to tell me she had a new health resolution to gain healthy weight  and she wanted to make thorough enquiries on how to go about it. 

We did have a lengthy conversation about what diet plan would suit her health resolutions but it’s been eleven months and we have managed to talk about everything but that weight goal plan which she did not follow by the way. 

When your diet plans want to have a chat with you

Of course I did post this with her permission but what’s funny is that there was no need for me to remind her that she had left those wonderful plans behind, she made fun of herself the minute I mentioned that I would be making this article. 

Pertaining to your 2021 health resolutions, I’m no shaman, just a nice nutritionist  but I know that you made health resolutions at the start of 2021 and now it’s a whole new year 🌚🌝

Health resolutions – 1                                        You – 0

Hollup, don’t beat yourself up about the outcome of your 2021 health resolutions.

Here’s what a couple of people had to say about theirs;


“I wanted to lose belly fat and I actually liked it while the whole process lasted but I just didn’t go through with it anymore. I started and then I stopped around June/July.”

That was the end. I did not achieve my goal.


“The results made me feel great. My abandoned clothes started to fit, I no longer feel bloated and my skin felt less oily and clear.
However, the hard process goes beyond the diet and exercise. My braids started to stink after just two weeks because of the sweat buildup and I have to do laundry daily.
I also have to wake up early and then I have to have a bath every night.
However, the results came with a higher self esteem and that keeps me going. Being able to manage the annoyances is a mental thing.”

The results made me feel great. I have clearer skin and I no longer feel bloated.


“I just wanted to work out/exercise more so I can be healthier this year. I did not have any specific weight goal in mind. Thankfully, I was able to do these things but I look forward to being more consistent.”


“I had the resolution to work out, but every time I showed up at the gym, I would get so overwhelmed by all the equipments there and I never knew what to do.

Also, the cost of a personal trainer “choke” so instead, I focused on including tiny little steps like walking more. For next year, I’m not making any resolutions, I’ll just increase the physical activity. It is more sustainable that way.”

I never knew what to do with all the equipment at the gym. It overwhelmed me, so I increased my physical activity.

Relatable yes? But here’s where it gets good, you can look at 2021’s unachieved resolutions in the eye and tell it “I won’t be seeing you again”. 

If you believe, you can achieve

For real, it is a new year after all but then there’s a catch; 

I hate to be the one to tell you but if you can’t figure out the issues surrounding healthy resolutions and how to actually achieve them, in 2022 you will fail this health class again. 

As your nutrition godmother however, I want you to know that all hope is not lost. 
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Yours in nutrition and health, 

Damilola Orija. 




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