Personalized Nutrition Services

You are unique and special. I know this and i know it applies to your health too.

So here, I get to work with you one on one.
I will hold your hand and walk with you till we achieve your goal.

Here’s how it works;

-You will book a consultation.

-We will have a light hearted conversation (My clients say that I am funny) so you’ll enjoy it, I promise. It’s going to be more of a conversation and less of “do this, do that”

-We create action plans together

-We do constant follow ups

-I arm you with knowledge and strategies so you can sustain the healthy lifestyle we have developed.

This service is for you if;

-You are struggling with weight loss or weight gain.

-You have Diabetes, Hypertension, PCOS and you are tired of restrictions.

-You just want a healthy lifestyle and you don’t know how to go about it.

Cooking for Health

I will combine my culinary education and nutrition education to teach you how to cook your everyday meals to suit your health without losing flavour.

This is usually done for “Weight loss, Weight gain, Hypertension, Diabetes”

We will arm you with everything you need to know so you can achieve this regardless of what you want to eat.

This is for you if;

-You cook a lot and want to learn how to cook better.

-You want to eat better but you don’t know how to

-You are not sure if your food is healthy and you would like to do better

Group Weight Loss Coaching

If you love group accountability and community, you will love this one.

This opens at different points in the year.

You get added to a group
You get recipes
You get group follow up
You get group accountability

If this is more like you, click below to see open dates.