Nutrition simplified for the everyday Nigerian.

Food is not the enemy, and I will show you how.

About Me

My name is Damilola Orija

My name is Damilola Orija legally, but thedietchef professionally.

I am an internationally trained Nutritionist with culinary training who understands that food is delicious and it also plays a huge role on health.

I strongly believe that you don’t have to suffer or feel like you are suffering to achieve a healthy life.

I aim to help you achieve your health goals without a restrictive and strict diet.

This was birthed from seeing people struggle to follow a rigid meal plan. I have experienced this struggle first hand and I want to help you.

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Clinic Services

Personalized Nutrition Services

You are unique and special. I know this and i know it applies to your health too.

Cooking for health

I will combine my culinary education and nutrition education to teach you how to cook your everyday meals to suit your health without losing flavour

Group weight loss coaching

If you love group accountability and community, you will love this one